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Post by Chris Shaffer on Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:32 pm

Here's a list of the Bloodlines I'll be allowing, organized by clan. In case anyone's wondering, my criteria for selection of bloodlines is: if at all possible, equal numbers per clan; Disciplines or Weaknesses that wouldn't require much adjustment for the new rules (or for the LARP rules); make sense for staying in this part of the modern world; appropriate for the organizations present; less likely to trigger Masquerade breaches or start fights by their very nature; aren't completely ridiculous in some way (seriously, I know they can't all be winners and all that, but some bloodlines are just comically ridiculous).

I will expand this list as the game goes on and Morgantown has the opportunity to become a more cosmopolitan city, vampire-wise. Assume that if the description here doesn't specify, then the members of the bloodline don't inherently lean towards or away any given Covenant.

If a bloodline is listed without any conversions, assume that means it's already compatible with the new rules.

Two things to know before we get into it:
First, you don't have to play a bloodline if you can't come up with a concept that fits. Bloodlines don't necessarily make a vampire as interesting as having a solid and well-thought out backstory. I'd rather have a brilliant 'vanilla' Daeva than a half-assed Toreador.
Second, if you want to play a member of a bloodline, I want to hear about your backstory and concept first. Some of these bloodlines are rare or obscure for a number of reasons. I'll be more strict on some than others, but in general assume you'll have to justify your bloodline choice to me.


  • Children of Judas (Bloodlines: The Legendary) -- Daeva tied in to the more tragic and darker sides of the human soul. The Children of Judas metaphorically feed on and exploit the emotional pain of others. Mostly associated with the Lancea et Sanctum and the Invictus.

    • Disciplines: Despond adjustments available in House Rules.
    • Bane: No conversion necessary.

  • Spina (Invictus) -- Vampires obsessed with upholding honor and tradition and proper social graces, the Spina have turned proper courtly battle into not only an art form but a power all its own. Almost exclusively found within the Invictus, but sometimes found in the Lancea et Sanctum.

    • Disciplines: Courtoisie adjustments available in House Rules.
    • Bane: No conversion necessary. Also, as Storyteller if you do something discourteous by accident I reserve the right to penalize you the Willpower as appropriate.

  • Toreador (Vampire: The Requiem) -- A bloodline devoted to the production, preservation, and advocacy of fine art. Mostly found in the Invictus and the Ordo Dracul, sometimes found in the Lancea et Sanctum. Never unaligned.

    • Disciplines: No conversion necessary.
    • Bane: When exposed to an instance of your 'preferred' art, you find yourself Entranced. Entranced is a Condition that inflicts a -3 to all actions that don't involve standing there and taking in the art. It also inflicts a -3 penalty to Defense from distraction. The Condition ends without resolution at the end of the scene or if the art is removed, but the Toreador can take a Beat if they're severely hampered by the distraction.


  • Hounds of Actaeon (Gangrel: Savage and Macabre) -- Vampires said to be descended from the members of the hunting party of the mythical Actaeon. They're eternally hungry and prefer to ritualistically hunt humans the same way humans hunt animals, Most Dangerous Game-style.

    • Disciplines: No conversion necessary for Disciplines or their Camouflage Devotion.
    • Bane: No conversion necessary.

  • Kerberos (Onyx Path Blog) -- Gangrel who've learned to wield the Beast itself as a social or political weapon.
  • Taifa (Bloodlines: The Chosen) -- A Middle-Eastern bloodline of Gangrel who emphasize the social aspects of being a predatory beast. Predominantly members of the Invictus.

    • Disciplines: No conversions necessary.
    • Bane: No conversion necessary.


  • Khaibit (Originally in Bloodlines: The Hidden, revised at the Onyx Path Blog) -- An ancient bloodline bred to fight back some ancient darkness. Today, their specialty is as the first line of defense against the Strix.
  • Norvegi (Mekhet: Shadows in the Dark) -- A line of mercenaries known for doing dirty jobs cheaply. They're also known for the fact that they're completely without fangs. And yet, by some method unknown to other Kindred, they still manage to feed...

    • Disciplines: Bloodworking adjustments available in House Rules.
    • Bane: With Bloodworking, they're unable to inflict the Scarred or Swooning Conditions by feeding. Without Bloodworking, all start-of-game feeding tests are treated as if the player got a '1.'

  • Osites (Lancea Sanctum) -- A rare bloodline of 'Bone Monks' who seek spiritual understanding by studying death itself (and corpses, in particular). Almost exclusively members of the Lancea et Sanctum.

    • Disciplines: Memento Mori adjustments available in House Rules.
    • Bane: No conversion necessary for in-play feeding. Osites start the session at one vitae lower than the feeding test indicates.


  • Caporetti (Ancient Bloodlines) -- Nosferatu born of the not-quite-survivors of the Battles of the Isonzo during the Great War, permanently infused with the shivering cold of the Austrian mountain. Known for a preternatural talent for burrowing beneath the ground unseen, a terrifying chill, and a talent for assassination.

    • Disciplines: The Devotions work as written.
    • Bane: The Obfuscate penalty affects levels 1 through 4. Otherwise, no conversion is necessary.

  • The Cockscomb Society (Nosferatu: The Beast that Haunts the Blood) -- Nosferatu born out of association with a 19th century hellfire club known as "The Abbey," the Cockscomb Society seek to preserve a veneer of humanity. But their vision of humanity is more centered around high society traditions and niceties than actual human warmth or decency.

    • Disciplines: Playing the Part's prerequisites are now Majesty 1, Nightmare 1, and Obfuscate 2. It costs 4 Experiences and suppresses the predatory aura, requiring a Clash of Wills if someone attempts to see through it with Auspex.
    • Bane: Replace 'Virtue' with 'Mask.' Also, because their ability to regain Willpower is hindered, they come into play with their starting Willpower at 2/3 normal total (round down).

  • Order of Sir Martin (Ancient Bloodlines) -- The so-called Leper Knights were born out of the Crusades and, in the 14th century, adopted by the Invictus as enforcers and soldiers. They continue to serve loyally to this night. Almost exclusively found within the Invictus.

    • Disciplines: The Repulsive Mien is incompatible with the current rules and thus disallowed. The Rejected Malady works normally. A Leper Knight with Invictus Status takes a Beat whenever purchasing a dot of a Fighting Style.
    • Bane: No conversion necessary. Leper Knights will make one roll at the start of game as per normal and will not be able to attempt to reclaim the lost vitae. (Feeding in-game will be handled normally.)


  • Adrestoi (Ventrue: Lords Over the Damned) -- Obsessed with rule and dominance, who embrace the more monstrous aspects of themselves in eternal pursuit of this goal. As a result, they fetishize (and somewhat ritualize) the act of hunting itself.

    • Disciplines: No conversion necessary.
    • Bane: No conversion necessary.

  • Corajoso (Ancient Bloodlines) -- An originally Portugese line who helped the Kindred maintain communications during the European exploration of the 15th century, known for their investigation skills as well as an intense relationship with blood sympathy and knowledge of vampiric heritage. Found in every covenant, with older members leaning towards the Invictus and Lancea et Sanctum with younger members slightly more likely to be found in the Ordo Dracul.

    • Disciplines: Linagem adjustments available in the House Rules. Blood Beacon works normally.
    • Bane: No conversion necessary.

  • Sons of Cade (Night Horrors: Immortal Sinners) -- A bloodline descended from a Ventrue warrior named Jack Cade, known for his combat prowess and intense rages. The bloodline is almost entirely unknown, even to its members, as it only came into being in the last few decades and not intentionally. Jack Cade himself holds dual Invictus and Lancea et Sanctum membership and player characters of this bloodline are likely to be his direct childer, so that pretty much sorts itself out.

    • Disciplines: No conversion necessary.
    • Bane: No conversion necessary.

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