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House Rules

Post by Chris Shaffer on Fri Jul 11, 2014 9:43 am

Here's a central repository of any changes I'm making to any systems, any tweaks or rulings, etc. that different from the base rules. I'll try to keep this updated as new rulings come up. Anything relevant to creating or playing characters that isn't in this thread will be in the character creation guidelines (and I'll probably crosspost as appropriate, just for good measure). This post is mostly here so if someone asks "Where's that written down," I can direct them here.

Note I reserve the right to change or adjust these as necessary without warning (and I will try to make sure to adjust major changes with players first). I also reserve the right to keep certain notes and adjustments to myself until I'm specifically asked about them to discourage people pouring through the rules looking for loopholes to exploit.

The Invested Merit, as well as a few others, grants free Merit dots. The free dots granted by Invested can allow a member of the Invictus to surpass his caps for Herd and Resources. Mentor is still capped at 3, as that limit is a reflection of the game state itself and not something to be earned in-game.

The third level of the Grappling Fighting Style, as written, is a little wonky. At the author's suggestion, consider it errata'd to:
Joint Lock (•••): You use joint locks and immobilizing tactics to limit your opponent’s movement. You can use the Joint Lock move in a grapple if you achieve more successes than your opponent. Once you've established a joint lock, your opponent takes your Strength in automatic bashing damage if she chooses to roll against you in the grapple. You surrender the joint lock when you take any Move other than Restrain. Additionally, any successful Moves your character uses cause 1L damage in addition to their normal effects. This includes the Joint Lock Move.

The City Status Merit isn't available for purchase at this time. Proper use is really situational and to keep things simple I'm going to make judgement calls as needed on what a character's effective City Status rating should be. These calls are going to be made based on things like titles the character's held, territory controlled, and any noteworthy screwups or praiseworthy efforts made by the character.
The only Merit in the books both currently available and affected by the City Status Merit is Cacophony Savvy. For the sake of that Merit, all player characters can be assumed to have at least one dot in City Status. If more powers and Merits come along that play off of City Status, I'll likely revisit this rule.

By the book, being Invictus requires having an active Oath. I'm waiving that requirement for a member with Covenant Status 1. To purchase the second dot of Invictus Covenant Status, above and beyond any requirements I set down based on the situation, the character will have to be part of an Oath. If you lose your Oaths while at Covenant Status 2 or higher, you'll have a little time to replace them but if you fail to do so your Status will start dropping (for which you will be compensated, as per the Sanctity of Merits rule).
Also, to clarify something ambiguous from the book, I consider the Notary Merit to be an 'Oath' for these requirements.

The first level of Auspex, as written, is slightly wonky in a LARP environment when used on a group of player characters. It can be subjective and difficult to adjudicate in that case. When directed towards one or more player characters, I have the right to have you focus on one in particular and ask one of the following questions (as long as it doesn't interrupt another interaction):

  • (State something your character wants) "What would it take to get that from you?"
  • "What does your Beast want?" (vampires only)
  • "What do you want?" (mortals only)

The second level of Auspex, when applied to another player character, subtracts their Composure and any questions asked are directed to (and answered by) that player.

The first level of Coil of the Ascendant, "Surmounting the Daysleep," allows the character to take a single additional Downtime Action between sessions to represent having the extra time to do certain things. If the Downtime Action involves an extended challenge with less than an hour between tests, a single Vitae per hour will be required to function. If the extended action has an hour or more between tests, a single Vitae per roll will be required.

The second level of Coil of the Ascendant, "The Warm Face," reduces the Vitae cost for Downtime Actions from "Surmounting the Daysleep." A single Vitae is sufficient for the entirety of a single Downtime Action. (I'm aware that in the case of city-claiming rolls, with each roll representing a week of work anyways, this isn't that much of a benefit over the first level.)

For the sake of transparency, this is entirely a house rule of my own design. Because daytime scenes are so rare during Vampire LARPs that unless I make a habit out of having someone assault your haven during daylight hours the first two levels of the Coil will be virtually useless.

Blood Sorcery:
While I'm not using the spontaneous casting or Themes rules in the 'Blood Sorcery: Sacraments and Blasphemies' supplement, I am allowing blood sorcerers to modify rituals when casting using the ritual factors in the book. This includes modifying Potency. Extra successes can be applied to ritual factors as per the Blood Sorcery supplement. If new rituals are created/discovered in-game, they'll be constructed using the guidelines in the supplement (this includes working out Theme ratings even if those ratings don't have direct impact on play).
In addition, the Theban Sorcery rituals in the book are also available to Lancea et Sanctum characters.

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Re: House Rules

Post by Chris Shaffer on Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:17 am

Bloodline Discipline Conversions:


•• Skewer: Skewer gives a +2 lethal weapon modifier on Brawl attacks (deals bashing to vampires). The rest of the power works as normal.
••• Bloodshell: The armor generated is 3/1 with total coverage, and still subtracts 1 from Defense and Speed.
•••• Fleshdart: The dart is a 1L ranged weapon that deals lethal damage to vampires.
••••• Erupting Quills: As written but the damage is still lethal to vampires.


•••• Penalty of Discourtesy: The roll can be used to defend against the Predatory Aura. If the Spina wins the resulting roll, no Conditions are inflicted upon either party.


••• Dark Night of the Soul: The first effect, involving the Resolve + Composure roll, works as written. The second effect, with the self-destructive urge, inflicts the Self-Destructive Condition (see below) for the scene or until the next sunset, as appropriate. At the end of the duration, the Condition goes away without resolution.
•••• Melancholy: This Discipline costs a single point of Willpower and can inflict the Broken, Fugue, or the Madness (GMC) Conditions.
••••• The Earth Rejects Thee: This Discipline removes the Humanity cost for the posthumous embrace described on p. 93 of Blood and Smoke, as long as the subject was a suicide.

••• Binding Ties: The bonus applies to any relatives up through 'Thrice Removed' as described on page 98-99 of Blood and Smoke. The Corajoso receives a +2 blood sympathy bonus with clanmates rather than siblings.
•••• Blood Lies: The roll to detect the false sympathy is Wits + Blood Potency + 2 as per Blood and Smoke, rather than Wits + Occult + 2.
••••• Distant Mastery: Use the range described in the book, rather than the Blood and Smoke blood sympathy ranges. The Discipline affects Animalism 1 and Dominate 1-3

Memento Mori:

••• Brush of Death: The vampire's Brawling attacks deal lethal damage to vampires, rather than aggravated.

New Conditions:

You don't consciously seek extinction, but much of your sense of self-preservation is gone. If you're anxious about money, you might try to rob a bank or a liquor store with nothing but an object in your pocket to suggest the shape of a gun. Given the opportunity to do something harmful, you may have to spend a point of Willpower to resist.
Resolution: Your health track fills up with lethal damage.
Beat: You take at least three levels of damage as a result of your own actions.
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Re: House Rules

Post by Chris Shaffer on Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:48 am

An update I meant to do over the holiday break and it slipped my mind. Namely, here's my list of authorized merits from the Requiem Clanbooks, with any relevant adjustments. Anything in bold is allowed, anything in italics isn't (though if it's disallowed because it's been replaced or updated, this doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the 2e version, just that you can't use the clanbook version).


Cacophony Listener -- Replaced in 2e.

Close Family -- Updated and replaced in 2e.

Social Chameleon -- Works as written.

Voyeur -- Works as written.


Inhuman Resistance -- While they're not exactly the same, consider this replaced with Indomitable in 2e.

Of Rose and Thorn -- This would need a complete rewrite from the ground up to work with 2e Animalism.

Pack Blooded -- Works as written. But also, a vampire with the Pack Alpha Merit counts as Pack Blooded for the purposes of this Merit (though the Alpha himself would also need Pack Blooded for the benefits to work both ways, as normal).

Savage Kenning -- Works as written.

Swarm Mind -- Replaced in 2e.

Undead Menses -- Updated in 2e.

Not allowing Red Surrender at this time.


Doll Face -- Works as written.

Dream Visions -- Replaced in 2e.

Haven Occultation -- Change the requirements to 'A Haven that is an Availability 3 or less house,' but otherwise works as written.

Shadow Cult Initiation -- This has been replaced with Mystery Cult Initiation, which I'm simply not allowing.


Haunted Channel -- Certain aspects of it need to be played by ear, but it more or less works as written.

Haunted Hand -- Works as written.

True Worm -- Works as written.

Unliving Anchor -- Works as written.

Unyielding Mask -- Works as written.

Not allowing Necropoli at this time.


Bad Breeding -- Just not appropriate for this game, thematically.

Good Breeding -- Just not appropriate for this game, thematically.

Inherited Resistance -- Works as written.

Lordly Palette -- Replaced in 2e.
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Re: House Rules

Post by Chris Shaffer on Wed Mar 04, 2015 6:32 am

These are the devotions from the clan books that are still valid in Second Edition and what their new costs are. This doesn't count bloodline-specific devotions or the ones with weird requirements (due to Shadow Cults or anything like that) that just aren't viable in the game. (Which is why the Mekthet book has, like, a million Devotions but I'm only allowing a handful.)


Picture Perfect -- Costs 2 Experiences.

Night Life -- Costs 1 Experience. This is basically the same effect as 2E Blush of Life, but with an increased duration.


Undying Familiar -- Updated in Second Edition.

Unnatural Contortion -- Basically replaced by Second Edition Protean.


Butcher's Hook -- Costs 1 Experience. Mekhet-specific requirement still apply.

Encode Vitae -- Only Ordo Dracul version allowed. Costs 2 Experiences.

Spirit Sight -- Costs 1 Experience.


Wicked Grasp -- Costs 1 Experience.

The Loathsome Foe -- Costs 3 Experiences.

This Awful Grip -- Costs 1 Experience.


Messenger's Blessing -- Costs 2 Experiences.

The Message -- Costs 2 Experiences.

Hounds of Blood --  Costs 3 Experiences.
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Re: House Rules

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