Info on Local Vampires

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Info on Local Vampires

Post by Chris Shaffer on Mon Jul 28, 2014 7:28 am

Here's the dossier on local vampires that the characters received at the July 26th session. It's mostly the same as the one that was printed out and passed around, except I've clarified one or two details.

Leland Chase

Daeva. Looks like he could be anywhere from 16 to 25, physically. Very effeminate, ash blond hair, completely ruthless in running no less than two clubs downtown. He's got no problem manipulating humans with drugs or powers.

Gerald Harrison

Gangrel scholar. Spends a lot of time sleazing around the downtown campus, trying to get in good with a local historical society called the 'Mountain Line Preservation Society.' Pretty peaceful, though particularly intimidating when worked up because of a muscular build. Curly brown hair with some salt and pepper in his bushy beard.

Doris Little

Nosferatu librarian. Hangs out at the Wise Library, possibly sleeping in the building somewhere during the day or somewhere in the downtown campus. Light brown hair, kind of 50's hairstyle, thick-rimmed glasses.

Donald Whaley

Ventrue businessman. The money man behind this whole Carthian operation. Piercing green eyes, perfectly-styled black hair, financial wizard straight out of the 80's. Pretty influential in the local economy, has his fingers in a lot of banks.

Dr. Stephanie Hart

Mekhet, genius doctor. Spends her time at Ruby Memorial. She's been associating with a local doctor named Marcus Crowley who knows about the supernatural, though you probably can't expect him to help you get her. Redheaded, ginger, keeps her hair cut short.

Samuel, last name unknown

Gangrel, kind of a hippy. His hair's light brown and messy and he has one of those 70's mustaches. He likes to walk around barefoot, but his normal stomping grounds aren't well-known. He's believed to be pretty old and powerful. He's also the leader of the group; the others look to him for guidance and regard him very well. As near as we can tell, this whole thing was his idea.

Stephen Bishop

Local Mekhet, believed to be associating with the Carthians. He's probably helping them. He's bald, with hair around the temples and the back of his head, and he wears wire-rim glasses. His young, though, by vampire standards. He was a history teacher at WVU who apparently committed suicide back in 2010, but he's been seen as a vampire since then. He's been particularly tough to track, because he doesn't show up in recordings at all. Not video, not audio. His voice doesn't even echo and he doesn't show up in mirrors.

"Sonny Concord"

Another local Mekhet. He's a troublemaker, and probably very old. It's known for a fact that the name is an alias. He's black with a shaved head and speaks with a British accent. He's also skinny as a rail and carries a sword cane with which he has single-handedly defended himself against multiple human assailants. Evidence suggests he's the vampire who turned Stephen Bishop as they have the same condition regarding recordings and reflections. He occasionally interacts with students who think he's a ghost of some sort. Probably not working with the Carthians, but not enough is known to be sure.

Howard, last name unknown

Kind of a recent newcomer to town, but not one of the Carthians. Not a lot's known about him except that he's been around a couple of years. He's believed to be Mekhet or Nosferatu, and he's possibly half-Japanese and was turned young (perhaps late in high school). He's mostly been sighted around the Downtown Campus and he's believed to be an associate of local radio personality Mike Prescott.

Unknown Vampire or Vampires

There have been reports of vampires lairing in the steam tunnels under and around WVU, sneaking out to grab students and feed. Bodies are occasionally found drained, but it's tough to pin them on whomever this is specifically. And there have been repeated searches but no sign of them, but there have been just enough sightings and evidence that we know there's at least one down there.
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