News from Gencon

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News from Gencon

Post by Chris Shaffer on Sun Aug 17, 2014 6:32 am

I meant to post this Saturday evening proper but was so exhausted I laid my head down for a bit and slept away the rest of the evening. So it's probably all over the net if you've been keeping an eye out for such things, but if not I'll share it here.

Onyx Path has made a few big announcements this weekend. The stuff most directly relevant to us and our game are a discussion about the game lines and also the announcement of a new one.

First, current game lines. CCP has finally decided to allow Onyx Path to label the new Chronicle books as proper Second Editions. Apparently the holdup was a concern from CCP that with them releasing the WoD MMO, people would be confused if they saw the MMO and then saw a rather prominent "World of Darkness Second Edition" book, because the book would be an entirely different World of Darkness. With the MMO cancelled, Onyx Path and CCP have revisited that conversation.

So what does this mean? The Chronicle books (which, from Gencon schedule announcements are going to include Promethean and Changeling and in the future may be expanded to all of the game lines) are going to be relabeled. So what was originally going to be "The Idigam Chroncile" is now going to be "Werewolf: The Forsaken, Second Edition" (and I think it'll probably have the 'Idigam Chronicle' subtitle, but don't quote me on that.). There's also going to be a proper Second Edition World of Darkness core book that has the full proper GMC-era versions of the rules, not just an updates appendix in other stuff.

This also means that Blood & Smoke is going to be repackaged as Requiem, Second Edition. Any changes will be limited to the cover and perhaps a tiny bit of errata for things that weren't caught until after the book was released. But the mechanics aren't going to change and we can still continue using the books we've been using.

This is a pretty big deal, and it's fitting they were able to announce it on the 10th anniversary of the first edition WoD and VtR books being released. Especially since this is the first year since Onyx Path's creation that they have their own distinct Gencon booth and aren't just sharing space with DriveThruRPG.

I've nailed down the basics, but for the official announcement they've posted to the net:

(And here's a link to the new bits of the schedule for upcoming WoD stuff (Classic WoD is in a separate post):

And now the other thing. They've also announced a new game line: Beast: The Primordial. From what little we know, the player characters will be portraying embodiments of primal fears of humanity. It looks like this is going to be a broad system for portraying different types of things, sort of in the vein of Changeling: The Lost (like how it has all of the potential kiths and whatnot but with the broad Seeming categories). They're also apparently hunter-bait because their very existence ensures they feature in the nightmares of humans, thus prompting Heroes to come track them down.

The reason why I mention it here is because according to developer Matt McFarland, crossover is going to be openly encouraged with Beast. It's not merely going to be crossover-friendly or mechanically compatible but heavily encouraged and that's pretty exciting. Which means that there's a non-zero chance that if they pull that off, when the game releases next year that'll probably be fast-tracked for character slots even if I haven't opened any up to other supernaturals by then. (Beasts, apparently, regard other supernatural creatures as family and will have powers specifically intended to enhance or complement them.)
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Re: News from Gencon

Post by Bo Saxon on Sun Aug 17, 2014 9:03 am

Nice. I've been watching my various feeds for news about Beast, and I'm excited as ever.

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