Checking In

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Checking In

Post by Chris Shaffer on Wed Sep 10, 2014 4:30 am

If he weren't trying to sneak up on the other vampire, Sonny Concord would have felt that whistling a jaunty tune was in order as he strolled down the nighttime trails at White Park. The full moon was delightful on the water, making for an enjoyable stroll any other time. But at the moment, he was sneaking up on the vampire who had someone pinned down on the bench, drinking from his neck.

"Keeping it classy, Samuel," Sonny thought aloud when he saw that Samuel's victim had his pants around his ankles. "This really is gazelle at the watering hole for you, isn't it?"

Samuel sat up, retracting his fangs and wiping his mouth.

"You want something?" the Gangrel asked in his traditional curt manner.

"Just seeing how you're getting along without Donald, is all. He's the one who was bankrolling your little operation, wasn't he?"

"We're doin' okay."

"Have you talked to the other Carthians about that?"

"Don't need to. I keep an eye on them."

"You don't think any of them are nervous about the fact that Stephen was, shall we say, 'under the influence' when he suggested you all come down here?"

Samuel just blinked. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that someone's finally figured out that my wayward childe has been possessed this whole time. He had a little bird on his shoulder. Not that any of you knew him before, but even still."

Samuel just looked at him some more. Sonny scrutinized him a little more closely.

"Oh my," Sonny said. "I can see it... that owl's made himself a nice nest in there, hasn't it?" He reached up and poked at Samuel's forehead with his cane. The Gangrel swatted it away with a growl and Sonny continued. "You don't even realize how much of a number it's done on you. That's... interesting. Not possessed, just... directed."

Samuel just rolled his eyes as if Sonny had made a remark about the weather rather than suggest that Samuel was the plaything of a powerful, amoral being that was the ancestral enemy of the Kindred race.

"I'm sure you'll have a nice chat about it with your Invictus pals," Samuel said as he turned to walk away, leaving his 'dining partner' unconscious on the bench. Sonny moved to keep up.

"They are wonderful conversational partners, I'll admit. That is the other thing I wanted to let you know; I wanted to make sure you knew I'm planning on leaving town once the Invictus have cemented their hold on the city."

Samuel stopped and turned to face Sonny.

"You had to know that's how they would react when you made your move into the city," Sonny commented. "Even before that boy Matt vanished. Pity, that. He had promise."

"Did you do something to him?" Samuel asked. "Did you bring the Estate here?"

"You think that moi would end the existence of an innocent messenger just to see what the Invictus would do to you all, out of some twisted sense of humor?" Sonny asked mockingly.


"You're right. Oh, you're right that I would. But not that I did. I had nothing to do with the late late Matt Carter. Honestly, if he hadn't come from the court of House Flavius, I would have reached out to him and tried to strike a deal. But no, I think you know exactly who is responsible for that."

"Who?" Samuel asked, something 'off' in his tone.

"Oh, you know. But you won't admit it, least of all to yourself. The nest, after all. A part of you doesn't want to hear it."

"Look, would you just stop fucking dancing around it?" Samuel asked, growling, his hackles raising.

Sonny paused and considered that, genuinely reluctant to actually say it out loud. Not out of any need to tease Samuel into frenzy, but well... he was old enough to fear the power of certain words and the things they represent. After a moment, he sighed. He needed to know, anyhow.

"Fine." Sonny stabbed his cane into the ground, planting it so he could step forward with hands open and unarmed. "I'll tell you, but I'll whisper it."

Samuel gave him a look but eventually turned his head slightly to offer Sonny the chance to lean in.

Sonny leaned in and whispered a single word into his ear, a sibilant hiss of hate and fear.

Samuel moved so fast his claws were out before his eyes could even properly glaze over. He swung at the so-close Sonny, his fingers sporting jagged black claws six inches long if they were a centimeter. They were rough and serrated, meant for tearing flesh.

If Sonny hadn't carried the raw speed of ages, the Gangrel's claws would have torn his heart from his chest. As it is, they ruined his suit before his blurred form could move to a safe distance. The cane vanished from the ground with a spray of Earth as Samuel pursued with brutal swipes. His face was a blank mask as if he was sleepwalking.

After a few seconds he stopped, looking around the trail for any sign of the Mekhet elder's passage. His eyes scanned the darkness, but Sonny had been able to get far enough away that he was no longer an available target. The Mekhet shook his head with pity before looking down at his suit. With a frustrated huff, he leaned his cane against his shoulder and began the trek back to his haven.

But he now knew, rather than suspected, that he needed to help the Invictus get him out of town as soon as possible.
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