'The Rack' and You

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'The Rack' and You

Post by Chris Shaffer on Sat Sep 27, 2014 6:54 am

For those of you unaware of such things, 'The Rack' is the vampire colloquialism for 'the part of town where everybody likes to feed because of all of the bars and clubs and such.' And like oh so many places, Morgantown has a pretty-well-cultivated one.  (which makes it seem all the odder that nobody's set up a long-running vampire domain around here yet)

Anyhow, what with my whole little story and rules thing about claiming the city, the notion of claiming bars as territory will come up. Especially since one of the Carthian NPCs has a couple. I've done the best tally I could of Morgantown and realized that Morgantown has a lot of friggin' bars, clubs, and other establishments that maintain bar-parallel hours. So I've put together a couple of lists because player characters might have an interest in taking over an established establishment rather than find an empty 'slot, 'since there's still more places in the downtown area where someone could fit a bar or club, and this being the World of Darkness there'd be a few less establishments that would be able to stand up to raw business power of decadence).

But for the sake of not having to keep track of absolutely everything, and to still maintain a bit of continuity with the real world, I've divided up the establishments of Morgantown into two basic categories: those that are Fair Game, and those that are Off-Limits. Off-Limits bars are generally places that have been fixtures in the area long enough that they'd be a hell of a nut to crack even with vampiric power and potential resources at work. These are places that have arrangements with cops and are just considered part of the landscape. 'Fair Game' bars and clubs are just part of the normal turnover of the downtown/High Street area. Most have only been around for a few years and it'll take a lot of money and patience to stay in business or not get shut down by the authorities, which makes them perfect pickings for someone who wishes to run a business by proxy. (the reason why I make the distinction is because if someone takes over a bar ICly, I'd want them to be able to do whatever and some establishments it'd just be too hard to imagine Morgantown without)

And of course, any bars I make up wholecloth will be considered Fair Game. There'll be a couple of those, and they'll be described. The following lists are in no particular order.

Fair Game:
Brickyard Pub
X-Hale (the hookah bar)
The Cellar
Joe Mama's
Sports Page
341 Live (that whole little entertainment complex with that new hotel -- this might actually be a little harder to take over than the rest)
4th & Goal
Big Time's

Also present are the following:
The Wrong Alley -- Located near the Pleasant St. end of Morgantown, in a building that was an office building before an explosion a few years back (which once housed Freyja Consulting, a business from a previous game), the Wrong Alley comes across as kind of a bog-standard dive bar with a dance floor. The effect is clearly a deliberate affectation, however.
Chemical Reactions -- Sort of a gaudy retro-future sort of place, Chemical Reactions looks like the sort of bar someone would have put in a 1980's sci-fi movie. Lots of lasers, lots of brightly-colored lights, yet the place just still seems really dark on the inside. This one's more focused on the nightclub thing than the bar thing, with dancing and drinks that glow weird colors under the way-too-many UV lights.

And then there are still a couple of open spots for characters to establish their own spot.

Off-Limits: McClafferty's, Morgantown Brewing Company, 123 Pleasant Street, The Back Door (the bar underneath Casa D'Amici), Vice Versa, Bent Willey's, Chick-n-Bones, Shooters Lounge

Now, if I've completely missed something, somebody let me know. I don't exactly frequent these places and so there's probably one or two that might have shut down, or been replaced, or whatever. There are new ones that have probably popped up that are just off High Street, or behind another business, or whatever. Or I'm misunderstanding how old/established they are and they should be Off-Limits. So lemme know and I'll keep the lists updated.
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